Why Charlton Design Studio, LLC.?


Testimonial 1


"For the past 10 years we have had the pleasure of working with Lou Brown for all our architectural and engineering needs.  Lou has worked closely with us on our last 15 plus homes, his professionalism, talent, and ability to work out a problem in a pinch, has made this part of our job seem effortless.  


On a personal note, Lou is a very genuine and all around nice guy, that is super easy to work with, not only is Lou a business companion, we consider Lou Brown a very good friend"



Testimonial 2


"I have known Louis Brown for more than twenty years; know his great work ethic, and has splendid personal character.  I have worked with Louis on many projects and have always relied on his knowledge; eye for detail and his ability to deliver projects on a timely basis, no matter what the client's timeframe.  


Louis is always a pleasure to work with; he has the ability to remain focused when others are being frantic.  I regard him as an asset to my business and would recommend him for any position or project he is pursuing."


Testimonial 3


"I have known Lou for over fifteen years.  Fourteen of those years I was a coworker.  Over that time I worked on many projects with Lou and was constantly impressed with both his professionalism and performance.  At all times I found him to be dependable, hard working and honest.


Lou is by far the most dedicated person I have ever worked with.  On many occasions I have seen him go above and beyond expectations for his position.  Lou was always willing to offer assistance to others and had an excellent rapport with fellow employees and clients.  He was devoted to effectively and correctly completing projects in a timely manner."


Testimonial 4


"I have known Lou for over eight years.  We have worked together the entire time, either at the same firm or on projects after I went out on my own.  We have worked on many projects together.  I have always been impressed with his knowledge of building design and his ability to view the practical side of design.  


Lou is a hard working person and very dedicated to his cleints and projects.  He is always looking out for the best interest of his clients.  He is knowledgeable of the building codes and informs his cleints what can and cannot be done to meet the current codes.  I rely on him frequently for interpretations of the code when I need it.